Russia is Killing the Ukraine Slowly While the West Disgraces Itself -No Innocent Bystanders Allowed Here



There is a propaganda war going on who are we to believe, the independent observers who were kicked out for no known reasons? This video is a sick joke.

Russian Soldiers Have Given Up Pretending They Are Not Fighting in Ukraine

Human right abuses are piling up like cordword at a sawmill overflowing into the streets. Crimea and Donbas and Donestk are innocent victims of NATO so eager to go bomb Libya and Iraq into the Stone Age for alleged crimes against humanity but if it happens in a former Soviet Union country being occupied by Russia – apparently the UN and NATO are not interested.

Ukraine and Russia are both trapped by the war in Donbas



Ukraine: Termination of MSF medical activities in Donetsk will have life-threatening consequences for thousands of people  It literally is life and death for the people dependent on insulin, on kidney dialysis and treatment for TB.The same thing has happened with mental health patients – Doctors Without Borders has been providing the medications the patients in the area have needed. They were not even given a reason for the decision but just told that they could no longer help the people in Donetsk anymore. “MSF is shocked and strongly refutes the false allegations made in the media by the Humanitarian Committee of Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine regarding its medical-humanitarian activities. This includes erroneous statements regarding mismanagement of pharmaceutical products such as psychotropic drugs, criticism of the organization’s mental health program, and unfounded accusations of espionage.”

“For the last 18 months, MSF has been working hard to provide free, lifesaving medical care to people affected by the conflict on both sides of the front line. All MSF activities, including the transportation, storage and distribution of medicines as well as mental health activities have at all times been carried out in cooperation and coordinated with the authorities in DPR.”

If you note the date on these articles you will see that it is already a long time that people have had to do without services and health care. Because the Doctors Without Borders are not going there anymore we don’t even know how bad the situation is there. Is Russia providing any services at all, any health care? In Crimea they have not. Ukraine: MSF strongly refutes false allegations levelled in the media by the Donetsk People’s Republic

The above article warns of a humanitarian crisis a huge one, with a water plant and chemical plant without power, there could be environmental damage as well. We just don’t know because there are no outside 3rd party observers there, hardly even any media goes there so we don’t know what is happening. Disasters could have happened and no one reported them.

At least if the UN sent peacekeepers in to keep the ceasefire. So no more damage is done to infrastructure and homes. And of course there are casualties from these battles.  Also they could ensure Red Cross can gets in and sees what the situation is with the hospitals with all those patients that were depending on treatment and/or drugs. Fuck Putin and him trying to keep some illusion this is all just about loyalists to Russia and those to UKraine. People’s lives are at risk and we can’t play pretend anymore. Russia is forcibly occupying Ukrainian territory and not allowing Ukrainian citizens to leave  the controlled AREAS. ITS ONE BIG FUCKING GULAG.

“We have been practically living for almost a year without Ukrainian electricity. There were flows, but we gave more energy to that side than we received. This is another unsubstantiated statement of Ukraine. None of our settlements have suffered from this cut-off, and will not suffer in the future as well. We are self-sufficient in this matter. Concerning the other blockades, for example, food one. We have it since 2014, but go to our stores, and see how we “suffer” from it.

“There are no offensive and defensive weapons. Weapons are weapons. A machine gun can also be used for defense… Deliveries of US weapons to Ukraine have always been there. In 2015, we showed the weapons that were captured in the Donetsk airport. There were also machine guns, assault rifles of American production and much more. Any weapon that the USA will supply to Ukraine will be regarded by the Ukrainian side as an encouragement to the offensive. America wants to frustrate negotiations in the frames of the Minsk process and the Normandy Four. It is advantageous for it so that these processes will revolve around it.”

The Ukrainian government has drafted a bill on the reintegration of Donbass, could you comment on this?

“I would call this not a bill on the reintegration of Donbass, but a plan for the destruction of the population of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It is more honest and more consistent with the essence of this document. But, to be honest, Ukraine can develop any laws, it does not make the Donetsk People’s Republic go cold or hot. We don’t know what can occur to them with such a sick imagination.”

Exactly simply passing a law in Kyev will not change the facts on the ground in Donetsk if anything it may just make things worse for the people living there.

Expecting peace in Donbass from NATO, Tillerson, and new envoy Volker?

“I fear that for the people of Donbass to be able to live in peace at last, it will be necessary that this offensive so often predicted, but never triggered, will arrive, and that the armies of the two young republics can finish what they had begun 2014 early 2015: namely the liberation of the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine. ”

I think the Ukrainians will have to get themsselves out of this mess themselves though they are badly outmatched by Russia’s weapons and troops. All they can do is hope the West gives them enough heavy firepower to finish this once and for all and clear the Russians off at least Ukrainian territory and put up a barricade large enough on the Crimean border to get the point across to Russia that they ain’t coming back. That will require more than machine guns.  We are talking tanks and personnel carriers otherwise they don’t have a chance. They need to be able to blow holes through their check points and seize control of the territory as they go. Blow holes in any fortified positions they have set up and clean them out. Arrest the soldiers that aren’t killed or too injured yet [they will be under guard at a hospital.] Deport them back to Russia if they have Russian passports. If they are from some separtist group, they get that option – stay here and be Ukrainian or go to Russia and be Russian. No in betweens.and you are now on a terrorist watch list I thought of the idea of offering them the chance to live in Crimea but I doubt the Tatars would welcome them and also they now pose too much of a threat to send there. Unfortunately the Ukrainian government signed a lease for the base on the Black Sea with Russia so they are stuck with that till 2024. Freeing Crimea is not going to be as easy as Ukraine even if you equip the Ukrainians with everything in the American arsenal. The problem is the Russians will still be at the base.

Unless the Ukrainians could come up with the money to buy out the lease which is very unlikely, they are stuck with that situation.

The US is shortsighted, the Ukraine has lots of oil and gas fields it used to sell to Russia who then sold them to European customers as part of the company they owned 50% of but lots of the oil and gas reserves are not even tapped yet.

Now Russia has cut the Ukraine out of that deal because its not using the Ukrainian pipelines to deliver it to European customers. There’s money still to be made there

for someone willing to invest in it. If Russia  doesn’t want to use Ukraine’s pipelines anymore it may as well sell it’s share of the Ukrainian gas company. We will see what happens with that in the future. It would be in Ukraine;s best interests to keep control of all her pipelines and her oil and gas fields until she makes deals that really will make sense to her economic interests.



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