Why is it okay for the anti-abortionists to lie, defame the good name of people and organizations, fake evidence, [use funds from their donors for illegal purposes] steal, and even murder abortion doctors, & bomb clinics putting many lives at risk?

Note: I do not watch TV I have not for 7-8 years now and I honestly don’t miss most of it. What I want to see I can find on the internet. But this means I am unaware of things that happen out there in that world that affect a lot of people. I just found out about the smear campaign this group did on Planned Parenthood. It only took 30 seconds to find out the truth on the net but on TV? Lots of people get fooled by bad/false/inaccurate information so I decided to do an article about this just to put my two cents worth out there on the issue.

These people cannot be called pro-life if they are willing to kill in the name of their cause. If fetuses are so precious are human beings not precious? In their eyes it is okay to give the death penalty to anyone who works at an abortion clinic, a receptionist, an accountant, a lab technician, an anesthesiologist, maybe the janitor is there at the time too besides the doctors, nurses, social workers or psychologists [counsellors are always available at abortion clinics], attendants to take care of the rooms, ie some will be exam rooms for women getting pregnancy tests, std tests, discussing choices of birth control, implants, IUD, tubal ligation, varous other birth control options, pills of different types getting condoms to use for protection from stds from their partner(s). Then there are the women who are there for health check ups, pap smears, breast exams, and then some just come to talk and get information on sex education etc things they can’t talk to anyone else about and get reliable and honest advice. So out of all of these people how many deserve to die for being at an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood center? How many do you need to kill to feel alright about ‘saving’ a few ounces of fetal tissue that isn’t a viable human being yet and won’t be for several more months? The woman who is carrying that fetus may not even carry it to term anyway. Miscarriage is when a baby dies in the womb before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Among women who know they are pregnant, about 10 to 15 out of 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 percent) end in miscarriage. If you denied this woman an abortion she might commit suicide killing herself and the fetus. So that is just adding more death not saving lives. Most women who have an abortion have it because they see no other choice. Either they already have children they can barely afford to take care of never mind adding another one , being off work even for a short time is not an option because they live paycheque to paycheque. Or she is on welfare/social security/disability insurance and has other children and this just would make their family’s situation even worse financially, for ie she is having trouble getting child support from the children’s father or she was abused so she is on the run from him. For other women it is because of the reasons under the law, it is the product of incest, rape, or medically the woman cannot sustain a pregnancy due to heart problems, blood pressure or diabetes or other complications that would put her own life at risk. There are also many other health conditions which would make having a baby dangerous to mother and or baby, her age, the fact it is an ectopic pregnancy [growing in her fallopian tubes not the uterus]. Other women have conditions like MS or Huntington’s, a progressive disease that is heriditary she knows soon she will be too sick to care for the child and she herself will have to be cared for. You see it is not so simple to just be an abortion clinic bomber or a sniper who tries to kill the doctors because then what happens to these women who need the doctors or are victims of the blast?

Doctors are pushing the envelope on when a baby is viable to 23 weeks. There is a problem with this that no one mentions. Is the baby normal and healthy? If the child is abnormal and will have to be disabled all its life is that something you should be doing? ). Neonatologists predict that no baby will ever be viable before the 22nd week, because before then the lungs are not fully formed.23 week baby vegetables is not what I call progress or life. If the baby is still too young and hasn’t developed enough yet it will have problems that may require it lives on machines all its life. Is that life? If it isn’t even conscious of the world around it is it life? The baby is also suffering and in pain and can’t tell anyone what it needs, is that humane? We wouldn’t do that to our family pets.because we think it is too cruel to them. But we will do it to a baby totally helpless at the hands of doctors and nurses in neo-natal wards who want to make history.There is also the financial cost keeping these almost humans alive I say almost humans because often their lungs haven’t formed properly yet so they can’t breath without help, their heart is not complete yet so they need to put something on it to shock it if it stops beating properly. They are probably blind because their eyes couldn’t handle the bright light in the delivery room, same with hearing probably everything seemed abnormally loud once out of the uterus too soon, it was used to the muffled sound of being in a bag of water. Oh don’t worry you can put an implant in their ear later right. But it is traumatized by coming out of the womb too soon, not ready for this world yet. Millions of dollars are spent on premature babies while other people go without health care at all.They say it is the same at the end of life because doctors won’t make the final commitment to let a patient go. They are suffering from Alzheimer’s or cancer or some other disease that eats away at you slowly. The patient would rather be spared all the pain and have doctor-assisted suicide but of course we can’t do that it’s murder right? So we waste millions of dollars at the end of someone’s life caring for them when we know the outcome we know there’s nothing we can do for them they are terminally ill and there’s nothing on this earth that can change that and again all the medications and doctors and nurses caring for that individual could go to someone who will survive an illness if they are treated but no we don’t do that because it makes too much sense.

Why not call these bombers and snipers what they really are, terrorists. And the people who lie, and slander and make up garbage about what goes on in abortion clinics? Call them hypocritical threatening mobs that care nothing about the truth and reality. They scare the women going into abortion clinics, publicize their names, take pictures of them for their propaganda, try to shame women for getting the health care they need. The women among the anti-abortion protesters betray their sisters.




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