Guccifer 2.0 is not Russian

I already inserted his whole website on here so you can read it all at your leisure without switching back and forth to it .The MSM Mainstream Media has so much invested in this stupid fake Russian narrative it will not let go of it easily so we will have to keep denouncing it at every turn everywhere we find it.

I will mostly let Guccifer speak for himself as to his motives for what he did and I am not judging him now except to say thank God we didn’t end up with Hillary as president because I have done more research into her  and she is a globalist and also if not a psychopath at least a totally fake, totally selfish and power-crazed person and she would have abused the office of president for her own benefit and that of her family. She would not have given two cents for sacrificing the lives of more than just the people that died in Benghazi because of her total dereliction of her duties to them. She would do a lot worse, start wars and sacrifice the lives of thousands of soldiers and millions of non-combatants just to gaiin more power and more money for herself. I have no doubt of it whatsoever. I hate to say this about another woman but she is a cold calculating bitch. She should never ever be president and as long as I am alive I will try to make sure of it. Because I have no doubt she will try again.  She screwed Bernie Sanders out of winning the chance to run for president and that was probably his last chance due to his age, so there’s nothing she won’t do.

Okay as much as I hate Trump as a man there’s this guy David Richard Steele, a former spy, open source believer like me, he’s done a lot of good work so much he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s been trying to get Trump to work with him so far nada, him and Cynthia McKinney. I have been trying to get Trump together wither him too through Ivanka, Melania, mostly the VP because for some inane reason he started following me on Twitter. Nothing yet.  I think Trump is keeping one of his campaign promises re: getting as many of the pedophiles as he can and to get people jobs but the rest of what he has done is crap because he has crappy advisors. Some are thinngs he’s giving people because it’s easy and politically expedient. But is it good for the country long term no damn way.He seems to be trying to placate the billionaire that contributed to his campaign but that stuff will hurt the whole rest of the country the 99%.


  1. You speak of your support for Trump since he is going after paedophiles, yet certain people claim he is one himself.


    1. I supported some of his policies in his early days I got disillusioned pretty quick in regards to his prejudices on many things, lately his rantings on Iran alarm me the most. I hope he gets impeached and new blood gets into the White House. Biden is equally corrupt, I wrote a piece on him and his son about Ukraine and Franklin Templeton Investments. They stole billions worse yet its tied to farmland there and will probably bankrupt the country by 2020-21.


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