Talking heads don’t have to bright, they don’t have to be right, they just need to make enough noise to drown out the truth

Although Guccifer 2.0 left plenty of clues for the authorities to follow to find out that could htave quickly led them them and me to his/her WordPress blog I did not access the Joint Analysis Report[JAR] that Counterstrike put out until recently,¬† Hillary Clinton’s pet internet security company. Counterstrike was invited to testify before Congressional committee and declined. DNC did not turn over servers to FBI so all took the word of this company, NSA, FBI, CIA, Congressional Committees plural that there was Russian hackers attacking the very foundations of their democracy with no other proof than that report. To me it is mind-boggling that a world war could have broken out all because of this inepitude and the total faith they put in a fake report. I am pretty sure Jim Comey, then FBI Director, knew something simply because of his many long years of knowing the Clintons and covering up previous scandals for them.


All I knew at the very beginning is Hillary is a crook, so I didn’t put nothing past her. Once the election was over I still would have preferred the crook I knew to the one I didn’t know as well and who treated women like dirt and worse was a rapist maybe even s pedophile [I’d heard stories of him and a 13 year old girl which sickened me] I hated¬† Trump’s guts.


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